Curated Panels
    • “Canadian Soundings: Plumbing the Depths of Voice in Canadian Theatre”
      Organizers: Sasha Kovacs and Michael Elliott
    • “Circling Beyond the Pacific: Asian Canadian Theatre and Performance”
      Organizers: Eury Chang and Siyuan Liu
    • “Critical Conversations Beyond our Circles”
      Organizer:  Lisa Aikman
    • “Embodying and Reflecting upon Postmarginality on Stage and in Rehearsal Halls”
      Organizers: Soheil Parsa, Peter Farbridge, and Diana Manole
    • “Living Circles: Jewish Philosophy and Performance”
      Organizers: Laine Zisman Newman and Shira Schwartz Greenberg
    • “Performing Politics in the era of histrionic handshakes, ‘fake news,’ and ‘post-truth’”
      Organizers: Laura Levin and Stefanie Miller
    • “Rethinking Motherhood in Twenty-First Century Theatre”
      Organizers:  Sheila Rabillard and Karen Bamford
    • “Seeking Circles for ‘rupture, ambiguity and dissensus’: Exploring Ethics of Practice in Applied Theatre”
      Organizers: Kirsten Sadeghi-Yekta and Monica Prendergast
    • “‘Who are you Wearing?’: Embodiment, Fashion, and Agency”
      Organizers: Christine Mazumdar and Kelsey Blair
    • “Between Performance & the Health/Social Sciences Seminar”
      Organizers:  Julia Gray and Catherine Graham
    • “Circles in the Square: Women, Protest, and Performance”
      Organizers: Donia Mounsef, Natalie Meisner and Aida Patient
    • “Theatre Criticism in the digital age: Practicing new critical models in Canada”
      Organizers: Karen Fricker and Hayley Malouin
    • “L’engagement somatique par la pédagogie, la pratique, et la performance en tant que recherche”/ “Somatic Engagement: pedagogy / practice / performance as research”
      Organizers: Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer, Christine Bellerose, and Jen Cressey
    • “Performances and Performatives within Digital Feminist Activism”
      Organizers: Michelle MacArthur and Shana MacDonald
    • “The Politics of Citation in Performance Studies in Canada / La politique citationnelle des Performance Studies au Canada »
      Organizers: Nicole Nolette, Kimberly Richards, Martha Herrera-Lasso
    • “Circles of Conversation and Practice in Applied Theatre”
      Organizers: Barry Freeman, Kathleen Gallagher, Kirsten Sadeghi-Yekta
    • “Digital Performance in Canada”
      Organizer: David Owen
    • “Looking Back Queerly: Performing Buddies in Bad Times 40th Anniversary”
      Organizers: Cameron Crookston, The University of Toronto
    • “Navigating the Hyphen: Artist-Scholar Roundtable on Improving Integrated Methodologies (and Pedagogies) of Scholarly and Artistic Practice”
      Organizers:  Seika Boye, Sasha Kovacs and Shelley Liebembuk
    • “The Circle of Conversations Ever Wider: Responding to Expanded Scenography in and out of the Classroom”
      Organizer: Wes Pearce
    • “CATR Member-Driven Session on Conduct”
      Organizers: CATR Conduct Committee (Roberta Barker, Jill Carter, Shauna Janssen, Kim McLeod, Emily Rollie, and Kirsty Johnston)
    • “‘Le Besoin d’être mal-armé’: Creating and Teaching Multilingually”
      Organizer: Art Babayants
    • “Teaching and Learning Cracker Barrel: ‘Designing Effective Assessments’”
      Organizers: Grahame Renyk and Jenn Stephenson
Praxis Sessions
    • “culturecapital trading card game + tournament performance”
      Organizers: Milton Lim and Patrick Blenkarn
    • “Laborarium: Praxis Session”
      Organizers: Soheil Parsa, Peter Farbridge, and Diana Manole
    • “Using forum theatre to explore ethical boundaries and multiple relationships in the university setting.”
      Organizer: Rebecca Harries
    • “Voice and Responsibility: a praxis workshop on Verbatim technique and Research exploration”
      Organizers: Kathleen Gallagher and Andrew Kushnir
Working Groups
    • “Age and Performance: Expanding Intersectionality Working Group”
      Convenors: Benjamin Gillespie & Julia Henderson
    • “Disability, Pedagogies, and Performance Working Group”
      Convenors: Ashley McAskill & Jessica Watkin

    • “Establishing a System of Peer Review: On-Campus Production-Based Research Working Group”
      Convenors: Claire Carolan, Ray Louter, James McKinnon, Ursula Neuerberg-Denzer, Sandra Chamberlain-Snider
    • “Performance History Working Group”
      Convenor: Stephen Johnson
    • “Scenography Working Group”
      Convenors: Natalie Rewa, Gabrielle Houle, Jacquey Taucar


More activities will be added in the New Year, including details on the Keynote speakers, plenary sessions, the Emerging Scholars seminar, and other special events.
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