Curated Panels

    • “Seeking Circles for ‘rupture, ambiguity and dissensus’: Exploring Ethics of Practice in Applied Theatre”
      Organizers: Kirsten Sadeghi-Yekta and Monica Prendergast
      Call for papers
    • “Canadian Soundings: Plumbing the Depths of Voice in Canadian Theatre”
      Organizers: Sasha Kovacs and Michael Elliott
      Call for papers
    • “Circling Beyond the Pacific: Asian Canadian Theatre and Performance”
      Organizers: Eury Chang and Siyuan Liu
      Call for papers
    • “Critical Conversations Beyond our Circles”
      Organizer:  Lisa Aikman
      Call for papers
    • “Embodying and Reflecting upon Postmarginality on Stage and in Rehearsal Halls”
      Organizers: Soheil Parsa, Peter Farbridge, and Diana Manole
      Call for papers
    • “Performing Politics in the era of histrionic handshakes, ‘fake news,’ and ‘post-truth’”
      Organizers: Laura Levin and Stefanie Miller
      Call for papers
    • “Rethinking Motherhood in Twenty-First Century Theatre”
      Organizers:  Sheila Rabillard and Karen Bamford
      Call for papers
    • “‘Who are you Wearing?’: Embodiment, Fashion, and Agency”
      Organizers: Christine Mazumdar and Kelsey Blair
      Call for papers
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