Critical Conversations Beyond our Circles

“Critical Conversations Beyond our Circles”

Moderator:  Lisa Aikman

The panel “Critical Conversations Beyond our Circles” explores the shifting grounds of theatre criticism, with specific focus on what kind of criticism (and what kind of critic) is appropriate and effective when analyzing work from marginalized or otherwise othered voices. The steady rise of theatre of the real—which often demands to be judged on qualities other than artistic mastery—and the push towards diversifying our theatres and our syllabi, bring to light the tensions of criticizing a work on its own terms within a system steeped in colonial and racist notions of what qualifies as excellence.

Recent articles in Canadian Theatre Review and Alt. Theatre posit embedded criticism as one way a critic can prepare an audience to meet a play on the play’s own terms (Fricker, Malouin). In this panel,  scholar/critics share alternative approaches to theatre criticism (from either inside or outside the classroom) and artists discuss the kinds of criticism that would be most appropriate and helpful to their work.

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