• “Circles of Conversation and Practice in Applied Theatre”
      Organizers: Barry Freeman, Kathleen Gallagher, Kirsten Sadeghi-Yekta
      Call for proposals
    • “Digital Performance in Canada”
      Organizer: David Owen
    • “Living Circles: Jewish Philosophy and Performance”
      Organizers: Laine Zisman Newman and Shira Schwartz Greenberg
      Call for proposals
    • “Looking Back Queerly: Performing Buddies in Bad Times 40th Anniversary”
      Organizers: Cameron Crookston, The University of Toronto
      Call for proposals
    • “Navigating the Hyphen: Artist-Scholar Roundtable on Improving Integrated Methodologies (and Pedagogies) of Scholarly and Artistic Practice”
      Organizers:  Seika Boye, Sasha Kovacs and Shelley Liebembuk
      Call for proposals
    • “The Circle of Conversations Ever Wider: Responding to Expanded Scenography in and out of the Classroom”
      Organizer: Wes Pearce
      Call for proposals
    • “CATR Member-Driven Session on Conduct”
      Organizers: CATR Conduct Committee (Roberta Barker, Jill Carter, Shauna Janssen, Kim McLeod, Emily Rollie, and Kirsty Johnston)
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