Establishing a System of Peer Review: On-Campus Production-Based Research

“The P.R.O.P. Group” : Peer Review of On-campus Productions

Convenors: Claire Carolan, Ray Louter, James McKinnon, Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer, Sandra Chamberlain-Snider, Robin C. Whittaker
Contact: Claire Carolan (

This working group addresses the creation of a long-term footprint of the on-campus production based research in Canada.  We are collectively working to develop a system of peer review that supports the research that occurs in on-campus productions by faculty and graduate student directors, designers, playwrights, performers and applied theatre practitioners. The outcomes for the first year pilot were successfully applied to test a preliminary peer review process that would be seen as credible by department heads, deans and others who would be accessing this information for the purpose of promotion, tenure, hiring and grant funding.

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