Teaching and Learning Cracker Barrel: ‘Designing Effective Assessments’

“Teaching and Learning Cracker Barrel: ‘Designing Effective Assessments’”
Organizers: Grahame Renyk and Jenn Stephenson
Contact e-mail: Grahame Renyk (grahame.renyk@queensu.ca) or Jenn Stephenson (jenn.stephenson@queensu.ca)

The cracker barrel is a circle of conversation. Named after informal discussions that took place in the country store around the cracker barrel, a cracker barrel conference presentation format brings together presenters with participants for a series of short, intensive conversations. This teaching and learning-focused cracker barrel session will feature 6-8 presenters, each at a separate table or circle of chairs. Each presenter will give a brief introduction, followed by comments and questions from the participants. After 20 minutes, the bell will ring, the participants will move to another table or circle and the presenters will begin again for a new group of participants. This sequence will be repeated 4 times in the 90-minute period.

The topic for this proposed cracker barrel session is “Designing Effective Assessments.” How we connect learning outcomes to assessment is a critical part of course design and an aspect of teaching that is experiencing significant innovation. By sharing successful assessment strategies in the field of drama, theatre and performance studies, both presenters and participants will be able to expand their teaching tool boxes. The cracker barrel format is intended to provide a forum for quick exchange of these ideas, strategies, and assessment designs.

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